Ross Leather Pocket Guard Pocket Holster

The beauty of pocket carry is you can carry 24/7 and you don't need an outer garment to conceal your firearm.  Of course, pocket carry is for smaller firearms but you can even carry a baby Glock comfortably by wearing jeans instead of dress pants.

The purpose of a pocket holster is to break-up the outline of your handgun so it doesn't print through your pants, and, to hold the handgun in a somewhat upright position.  You will still have a little bulk but no one will ever notice because people just don't look at pockets.  Stay away from tight jeans and you've found a carry method for life.  

The Ross Pocket Guard is made of real leather, slightly stiff to round out the outline of the handgun.  The unique closed bottom keeps pocket fuzz out of your barrel and gun oil out of your pockets.  This is a pocket holster you can actually get a grip on the handgun when you reach in the pocket.  Other pocket holster require a draw with a couple of fingers.  With the Ross Pocket Guard just pull the handgun to the back of the pocket when you draw and the holster will stay in the pocket.  Ambidextrous in natural finish only.  Color varies from Dark Tan to Light Beige.

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Ross Leather Pocket Guard Pocket Holster

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