Ross Leather #M9WS Urban Yaqui Belt Holstrt

Ross M9WS Urban Yaqui is a close cousin to the M9 Covered Yaqui except it sports a body shield on the holster side next to your body.  The leather suede-lined body shield protects your shirts and skin from the sharp edges and gun oil on your handgun, and is another example of the fine carry designs from Ross Leather.

The M9WS Urban Yaqui snugs the handgun tight against the body and provides ample space for a full combat grip.  And, it stays open so re-holstering is easy.  The M9WS is made with a slight forward cant to make your initial grip and drawn quick and smooth.  The belt slots are covered on the Urban Yaqui to give a handsome, finished look, to this great everyday holster.

Top off the M9WS Urban Yaqui with suede leather lining and molding to your exact carry gun, and you've got a holster you will use for life.  Since Ross has covered the belt loops with leather to give it a finished and handsome appearance, at first glance, it doesn't even look like a Yaqui-Style holster.  With the top of the trigger guard just barely below the top of the belt, you can consider the Covered Yaqui as a high ride holster.  With much less leather to clear, the Covered Yaqui will be a very fast draw.  And, with the Ross suede leather lining, your handgun will be protected from abrasion and sticky leather.

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Ross Leather #M9WS Urban Yaqui Belt Holstrt

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