Ross Leather #M6S C.O.B. Center-Of-Back Holster

 he Ross Leather M6S COB belt holster is  designed to be carried in the slight depression in the small of your back making this holster a very stealthy way to carry everyday.  The M6S COB features an open bottom (in back) and is suede leather-lined.

The sewn belt strap (see bottom right photo) at the top of the holster holds the handgun tight to the body so you can feel it while you are wearing it.  The double-thick leather appliqué at the holster mouth keeps the holster from collapsing so you can re-holster with one hand. 

Shop around if you want, but you will not find a small-of the-back style holster of the Ross Leather quality anywhere near the low price of the M6S COB, let alone one that is fully leather-lined.  This is a great holster at a great buy -- base price for a center of the back holsters from other manufactures is around $90.  At less than $70, the Ross COB is a great buy!  All Ross Leather is custom made one-at-a-time and delivery is approx. 4 weeks.

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Ross Leather #M6S C.O.B. Center-Of-Back Holster

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