Ross Leather #M5WNS Open-Top Pancake Holster

A cousin of the M5 thumb-break holster, the Ross Leather M5WNS belt holster is a pancake style holster which features a open bottom and an open top with no thumb-break.  Also, note the leather body shield at the top of the Ross M5WNS holster which protects your clothing from gun oil, abrasion, and the edges of the handgun from digging into your side.  The M5WNS is a pancake style holster and is designed to flattened-out and taper to the edges in order to spread the bulk of the holster and handgun over a larger area to keep the outline of the gun from printing through your clothing.

Additional features include a forward-cant (top of holster tips forward when worn) for easier grip access, and full suede leather lining on inside of the M5WNS.  The M5WNS rides Mid-Rise and it's construction ensures it will fit tight against your body. 

We carry quite a few M5WN Pankcake Holsters in stock.  If we do not have your specific gun model in stock, please remember that all Ross Leather is custom made one-at-a-time and delivery runs approx. 4 weeks.

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Ross Leather #M5WNS Open-Top Pancake Holster

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