Ross Leather #M4S Holster

he M4 SIDEKICK THUMB-BREAK Belt Holster by Ross Leather is a good as you can get if you are looking for a leather belt slide holster with a thumb-break.  Compare the quality and features of the Ross holster with any other brand and you will be a believer just like I am. 

The M4 SIDEKICK THUMB-BREAK Belt Holster is a HIGH-RIDE holster and features a molded-fit to the exact handgun.  All Ross Holsters are custom made and molded one-at-a-time with delivery time running about 4 weeks.  Ross has more gun molds than anyone in the business, so there's a good chance they have a mold for your carry gun.

As an added feature, as if delivery, price and molded custom fit weren't enough, Almost All Ross Holsters are SUEDE-LINED and you don't pay extra; it's just the way they do it at Ross.

  • Item #: M4S

Ross Leather #M4S Thumbreak Belt Holster

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