Ross Leather #M4HS holster

The M4HS SIDEKICK THUMB-BREAK Belt Holster by Ross Leather is the same high-rise style as the M4 except it is made specifically for revolvers.  The M4HS SIDEKICK is an open bottom holster.

Molded-fit and positive thumb-break make this holster an exceptional buy.  As an added bonus, you get suede leather lining which is standard on almost all Ross Leather holsters we sell.

The M4H rides high and close to the body touching your side just enough to say:  "I'm right here if you ever need me."  The exceptional quality and features make this a perfect holster for those who carry wheel-guns.  The term "exceptional" really hits home when you see the price is almost $25 less than other holster makers.

  • Item #: M4HS

Ross Leather #M4HS SideKick Revolver Holster

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