Ross Leather #M43 Vertical Single-Side No Mag Shoulder Holster

The Ross M43 is a Single Side vertical gun holster with no mag carrier on the opposite side.  It is designed for those who simply want to carry only their handgun without the added weight of magazines on their support side.

The weight support harness is soft suede, wide at the top so it spreads the weight across the support side shoulder and doesn't cut like the thin-strapped shoulder holsters. 

No suspender clips to come unsnapped or to chew a hole in your waistband.  Instead, there is an elastic off-side strap that you slip into just like putting on a jacket.  Full grain, beautiful leather rounds out the pendant holster which comes complete with full suede leather lining and a thumbreak snap.  Harness and support  band are black (brown shown in picture for clarity).

Ross M43 No-Mags Single Side Horizontal Shoulder Holster is available left or right hand in black or tan.

  • Item #: M43

Ross Leather #M43 Vertical Single-Side No Mag Shoulder Holster

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