Ross Leather #M42AS Horizontal Shoulder Holster

Horizontal is by far the most popular carry for shoulder holsters primarily because of ease and speed of draw.  If you carry a standard or compact size handgun the Ross M42AS Horizontal Carry Undercover Shoulder Rig is your best choice.  The heavier the handgun, the better the feel using the Ross M42A.  The only factor to consider is the total length of the gun; if it is so long that the barrel will print on the back of your outer garment you might want to consider vertical carry.  Full size 1911's, and smaller size models, work just fine in a horizontal carry.

Hate tie downs?  Great!  Because the Ross M42AS has a BACK-BAND which traverses between the mag carrier and the holster and adds a degree of stability not available with typical belt tie downs.  You can bend over and pick up that jar on the bottom shelf in the supermarket and the M42AS holster and mag carrier will stay put.

Maximum comfort comes from the extra wide shoulder straps which are constructed of soft leather suede and help to spread the weight of the gun and spare ammo over a large area of the shoulders. 

Fully adjustable straps allow perfect fine tuning of the fit and it's easy to change the fit for bulky under-garments then again for light weight under-garments.   Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a greater handgun fit chart than Ross.

Ross M42AS is available left or right hand in black or tan.

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Ross Leather #M42AS Horizontal Shoulder Holster

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