Ross Leather #M3L Belt Holster

Well, all I can say is Lindsey Ross has outdone himself on this brand new belt scabbard offering -- The M3L SEDONA Belt Holster.  Not only is the SEDONA a beautiful piece of leatherwork, but the features are astonishing.  Fully adjustable tension screws apply the amount of holding and drawing pressure that YOU want on your holster.  Full tension for hiking or climbing, less tension for everyday carry.  You can even apply tension where you want it:  A little less on the trigger guard, and more on the barrel -- or split the difference between the two and customize the tension to you own liking.  The tension adjustment works very well throughout the life of the holster, allowing less tension when it is brand new and tight, and a little more tension as it molds and forms around your handgun and belt.

The SEDONA is a mid-ride belt holster, perfect for almost every carry situation.  The back of the trigger guard is just a little lower than the top of the belt.  And, the SEDONA is designed for a straight cant allowing a full combat grip every time you draw.

The belt-loop is secured with three Chicago screws (t-nuts) and you can use the top two to adjust the pressure on your belt, if needed.

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Ross Leather #M3L Sedona Belt Holster

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