Ross Leather #M23S Driving Holster

THIS IS ONE AWESOME AND COST EFFECTIVE HOLSTER, PERIOD, DOT, END-OF-LINE:  Designed specifically for carrying while driving, the Ross M23 Driving Holster offers complete accessibility to the firearm while keeping it secure and ready on the belt.  The M23 Driving Holster rides parallel to the belt which offers the benefit of a natural grip angle while seated in the car.  Simply slide your draw hand over the grip, unsnap the thumb-break, and pull to release -- no fumbling or fishing for the handgun and the grip you purchase on your firearm will be a full combat grip the first time you draw.

The leather belt flap allows you to secure the holster to your belt at any location you prefer and is easy to install after you are seated -- Just slide the flap under the bottom of your carry belt and push the velcro field together and you are good to go.  For Center or Small of the Back Carry slide the flap over the top of you carry belt and secure the velcro closure.

The Ross M23 Driving Holster is made of full-grain leather and includes a thumb-break.

  • Item #: M23S

Ross Leather #M23S Driving Holster

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