Ross Leather #M20 Half-Yaqui Belt Holster

The Ross M20 Half-Yaqui is a unique style in abbreviated holsters because it only has one visible belt loop.  The hidden back belt-loop provides optimum support and a very stable drawing platform as well as giving the M20 Half-Yaqui it's unique and sleek look.  The Half-Yaqui has an open top and is suede leather lined.

Abbreviated belt holsters like the Ross M20 Half-Yaqui feature less overall weight, and a slightly faster draw since there is less leather to clear.  Also note the grip is almost  in a high-ride position which allows much less of the barrel to protrude below clothing.

Available in Black or Tan, left or right.

  • Item #: M20

Ross Leather #M20 Half-Yaqui Belt Holster

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