Ross Leather #M19WNS Detective 3-Slot Belt Holster

The Ross M19WNS Detective 3-Slot holster is designed to be worn in two positions:  On the strong side (gun hand side) and on the support side (opposite gun hand) as a cross-draw holster.  Cross draw is used when sitting, such as in a car where the seat and seat-belt would provide a hindrance to drawing from the strong side.  Cross draw also works well for those who just can't get used to putting their wallet in the right side back pocket.

The top belt slot is used for strong side carry and the placement of the belt slot provides the perfect cant for quick full combat grip and lightning fast draw.  The bottom belt slot also provides a more subtle cant when the holster is worn cross-draw style. Body shield is standard.

Available in Black or Tan, Right or Left Hand. 

  • Item #: M19WNS

Ross Leather #M19WNS Detective 3-Slot Belt Holster

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