Ross Leather #M18UTB Western Hideout IWB Holster

This Ross Leather Western Hidout IWB Holster has all the features you need for an Inside the Waistband holster.  Thumbreak for extra security is at the top of the list.  The belt loop holder has double snaps, also for extra security, AND, behind the belt loop holder is an adjustment screw that lets you decide at which cant you want your handgun to ride (see very bottom photo).  With the double snap belt loop holder you don't have to take off your belt to put the holster on.

Note that the handgun rides high just the way a IWB is supposed to ride -- wear your regular length shirt over the holster without worry of the barrel or body of the holster hanging out below.  Also note the re-enforced mouth which helps to keep the holster from collapsing when gun is removed, and also aides in re-holstering.

The Western Hideout is designed to ride a little higher than most IWB holsters, so if a low riding IWB has not been to your liking then check out the Ross M18UTB Western Hideout.

Available in Black or Tan, Left or Right Hand. 

  • Item #: M18UTB

Ross Leather #M18UTB Western Hideout IWB Holster

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