Ross Leather #M17 C.T.U. Agent IWB Holster

No!  The price is not a mistake on this premium inside the waistband holster.  But before you jump over and hit the "Buy Now" button, at least take a few seconds to look over the features of the Ross M17 CTU Agent.

Designed to ride low and tight to the body, the M17 CTU Agent provides an aggressive cant so you can wear it as far back as you want and still get a very fast draw.  I like it way back, just over my right "butte" where it sits in the natural concave of the back.  As you can guess, this is one stealthy IWB holster.

With the leather rough-side-out you get extra grip on the waistband for drawing, and, with the smooth-side-in you handgun slides smoothly, just like it is supposed to.  The M17 CTU Agent is unlined with smooth leather inside.

Note the leather body shield to protect your clothes from gun oil and abrasion. 

  • Item #: M17

Ross Leather #M17 C.T.U. Agent IWB Holster

Price: $73.50
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