Ross Leather #M10 Between-The-Belt Holster

The Ross M10 B.T.B. is a unique design, especially for those who like their carry gun really tight against their body.  The B.T.B. holster sits between your belt and the pants and holds the handgun tight against the body from the pressure of the belt tightness.  Because of the unique design, the handgun just doesn't move around on the belt.

The B.T.B. comes with belt loops on both sides so it can be worn as either a right hand or left hand holster.  This abbreviated Yaqui style holster has much less leather to clear so your draws will be faster.

Since the B.T.B. is pulled into the body by the belt tightness, it offers about the same excellent concealment as a pancake holster, but with much less bulk and weight.  Offered as unlined only, the Ross M10 Behind-The-Belt is available, Right and Left Hand because it is an ambidextrous model, and it comes in either Black or Tan. 

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Ross Leather #M10 Between-The-Belt Holster

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